A Leadership Course for the Rising Star

by Kevin Allen

Buoyancy is as phenomenon whereby as a leader you float, because the people you have inspired believe you should.

They believe in you because you have understood, connected with and ignited the deep desire that lies in their hearts.

"The Case of the Missing Cutlery is great read filled with entertaining real life stories and very human leadership lessons. Kevin's Buoyancy Course reinforces how individual compassion can ignite communities enabling great leaders and companies to consistently stay on the forefront of change."
Angela Ahrendts, CEO, Burberry

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Kevin Allen, author of the Wall Street Journal best-selling The Hidden Agenda: A Proven Way to Win Business and Create a Following, is back, with a fabulously entertaining (and true) tale of a newly minted leader made buoyant during The Case of the Missing Cutlery.

"Leading isn't about do this, do that, numbers, spread sheets or stock prices. Its about connecting with the hearts of your people, creating an authentic culture and belief system and igniting a following toward creating something amazing that didn't exist before.
When you connect with your people profoundly like this, they'll follow you anywhere."

"Buoyancy is not about intimidation, bullying or dictatorship"

"My goal is to encourage, inspire and ignite my people"

"Leadership is not a static thing. It is neither sitting nor presiding, it's going somewhere. Leadership is a journey toward a fantastic goal."


  1. To provide a proven treatise on the concepts of contemporary leadership you can apply right away.
  2. To outfit you with implementable practical methods and tools to use in your leadership journey.
  3. To structure a "course" with task and applications you and others can apply in context of your practical working environment.
  4. To equip you with a in the minute reference guide you can refer to when you confront new and challenging leadership situations.